Wednesday, July 7, 2010

It's People's Lives...

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of speaking at a local YMCA out here in Dallas, Texas. A few months back when I was invited, I immediately grew excited and began praying about what to say. I knew I'd be talking to a group of girl's and that I'd be encouraging them in their purpose. But, what I didn't know is that these would be girl's coming from very challenging backgrounds- girl's that were raised in Foster Care.

When I walked in, dressed very modestly and professional, the girl's stared at me as if they were asking themselves Who is this Lady. I paused and greeted them in love with smiles and hellos. As the Director of the Y introduced me, I looked around the room and inwardly prayed that God would be in our midst- that he would guide my talk and that the girl's hearts would be softened enough to receive the encouraging word I had for them.

The Director left, and the talk began.

I re-introduced myself, passing around copies of my two books so they could see them and then sat down, eager to begin. I began with questions.... questions that I wasn't so sure about what types of responses I'd get. And, when they felt they were comfortable enough to be honest with me, they answered.

My heart ached.

As I continued to share with them how their past or current situation does not have to dictate their future, I could see their curiosity  growing. And as they participated by raising their hands, they shared just how much negativity they face in their lives.

The rejection.
The pain.
The abuse.

Some of them even shared how they wanted to one day write about their lives. They think their lives are so messed up that it's worthy to be shared either in a book, song or rap. It's just that bad for them.

My message was to make sure to let them know that they don't have to receive negativity from other people and allow those distractions to get in they way of their purpose. They can ignore all of that and keep moving forward. But I also wanted to make sure I shared with them how important it is for them to believe in themselves. If they don't have any self-confidence, then they'll believe anything anyone pours into their lives.

After the talk, a few girl's walked up to me and said "Thank you" and that melted my heart. I could tell they heard me well and some received the message.

I stood for a few minutes to talk with the Director after it was over and she shared a little bit about the girl's past and some of the things they endured. But, as she spoke, the Lord confirmed something for me.

You see, what we do, as writers, are influencing people's lives. The Director shared with me how "It's People's Lives." The children who come to the YMCA are real lives. Lives that need love. Lives that need to be showered with love, hope and more importantly, with the message of Jesus Christ. These are lives that have faced tremendous amounts of rejection, fear, pain, emptiness, and hopelessness. But, we are here to spread hope, love and the message that they don't have to live in fear.

That was a very deep revelation for me because I had just been thinking about this writing ministry and how this is an outreach ministry where I'm reaching out to people- influencing them in the love of Christ through the written word.

It's a real ministry because it's people's lives...

I want to encourage you today in whatever ministry the Lord has given to you. You are literally called to help bring hope, love and inspiration to someone's life. And it should be viewed in a very serious light and not taken lightly. As Christians, we are the salt of the earth. We are light in the midst of a lot of darkness. And, it's up to us to use our gifts to make sure we spread that light of love around. Be mindful of that as you continue to move forward.

Thank you for visiting The Ready Writer. I pray this blog-post has encouraged you today as you move forward in your purpose for the Lord. Have a blessed week!



Anonymous said...

neesh, this is beautiful, like you. i would've loved to have been there!

Anonymous said...

neesh, this is beautiful, like you. i would've loved to have been there!