Friday, August 20, 2010

The Business Woman's Guide to Friendship

Meetings. Phone calls. Emails. These are some of the lingo business women speak. Constantly pulled by our entrepreneurial mentality; we work hard at making sure our businesses are thriving. But, there's one thing I realized as one very dedicated business woman- some friends may or may not understand your work-ethic. And for a woman who genuinely cares about her friendship-relationships, this can be a very daunting thing to deal with.

Allow me to be a little transparent.

I am terrible at talking on the phone. I'm not a big phone-talker at all. And, there are times that I literally forget to call people back because of the busyness of family and my business at home. My brain is constantly ticking with ideas the Lord gives me. My non-returning of phone calls is certainly not intentional- and my true friends would know that. But many people really don't understand such a small thing. And, for the longest I thought, "Should I really be that concerned about that?"

If you are a business woman who has dealt with something similar, here are a few things I believe the Lord has shown me that may encourage you:

1.) You can't apologize for where God has you: Your business (especially if it's a ministry God has called you to operate for the kingdom) was an assignment given to you by God himself. Not everyone will understand your journey and what it will take to get where God needs you to be. And quite honestly, not everyone is going to walk along with you. Sure it feels bad when you feel like you are missing out on everything or even feel like you're neglecting your friends, but the truth is, you aren't. You're simply walking in your God-given mandate and that is something that you absolutely can not apologize for.

2.) Don't let Guilt Stop you from moving  forward: I preach this a lot. But, the reason I do is because there's so many distractions that try to get you off course. And, this is one of them. I mean, if you constantly feel bad about it, you can easily get distracted from pushing through.

Sometimes hard work for the Lord takes sacrificing. And, sometimes that sacrificing is necessary for the Lord to grow you so you can move forward in His name.

3.) Pray for Balance: Balance is certainly very necessary because God loves relationships. We should love our neighbor as we love ourselves- that says a lot about how God feels about us loving each other. But understand that just because you can't always pick up a phone, answer an email or visit a friend doesn't mean you don't love them. Trust me, the Holy Spirit will prick your heart indefinitely if he needs you to minister to a friend. He's done it to me on several occasions.

Be there for your friends as best you can- that's all you can do. But, know that where God has you right now is crucial for the kingdom. Keep pressing on and allow God to use you! He'll provide you with the necessary strength, endurance, love and affection that you need to keep moving forward!

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Kennisha Hill | | Writing to Inspire Literary Coaching

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Keisha said...

My goodness, Kennisha...I sooooooo needed this. Thank you, sis!