Friday, August 6, 2010

Early in the Morning Will I Rise

Most days, I am not a morning person. My children wake up sometimes at 6 o'clock in the morning ready to eat and play. My son, a very active almost 3-year old, has his energy on max very early. My 1-year old, the same. Sometimes my dear husband wakes up, and get's them, while I'm still trying to catch a good five more minutes. But, when I've finally stopped tossing and turning through the night and feel like I am just getting really good pregnant sleep (which sometimes doesn't happen until the crack of dawn), I really don't like anything to suddenly wake me up. And, at times, my dear husband would put one of our kids in our bed just so he can hurry and leave for work.


A toddler crawling all over me early in the early morning whining (especially when I was still breastfeeding) is not the best way my morning can start and I had to let my husband know.

"Dear, please just give them some Cheerios or something and give me a few minutes to get up, PRAY and prepare for the day."

I really drag some mornings and my kids are the polar opposites. I don't drink coffee, although sometimes I wish I'd grab a cup or three! But, my kids? They have a more than enough energy- almost as if they had their fair share of caffeine before the sun peaks through our blinds.

I have to slowly prepare for my morning- my energy gradually builds.
My children? As soon as they open their eyes, it's play time.

This leaves one exhausted mommy. I have to put on some good foot-stomping praise music just to get my energy up sometimes.

Well, the other day I had a revelation about this.

You see, by God's grace we see another day and when that day is here- the moment we wake up and crack our eyes open- God is ready for us!!!

God doesn't say, "Alright Kennisha, give me five-more-minutes!!! What if he did that to us? What's so incredible about God is that he is already prepared for us. We serve a loving God who never sleeps and who's always watching us- always ready to help us and always ready for our drama!!! LOL

I've also learned that my toddlers don't understand it when mommy is having a tough morning. They can sense my slow movement, but they don't fully understand it. They still need their teeth brushed, faces washed, to be fed their breakfast and to be nurtured through out the day.

I found this scripture that really blessed me:

Psalm 5:3
In the morning, O LORD, you hear my voice;
       in the morning I lay my requests before you
       and wait in expectation.

My prayer is, Lord, help me to rise early ready and prepared to nurture my children. Just like God is ready for us and just like we can submit our request to him as soon as our eyes crack open, well that's the same way we should be with our children. God is our heavenly father who's ready for us- we need to be as patient and loving with our children as well.
I hope this has encouraged you today!!

Thank you for visiting The Ready Writer! Have a blessed weekend!

Kennisha Hill, author & speaker

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