Tuesday, August 24, 2010

How should we measure success?

As an author, I get a lot of questions from very curious people. Usually, without being too direct and in a round about way people ask me how much I make and how my book is doing. I guess it's assumed that when you publish a book, you instantly sell thousand's of copies, your book ends up in every standing bookstore and you suddenly become some sort of celebrity in your expertise- whether you write fiction or non-fiction.

I can't speak for every author (traditionally or independently published) but what there's one thing we can all probably agree on. And, it's that it definitely takes quite a bit of hard work to sell a book and get your book out there.

But should I desire to write books with money as my main objective? What about for passion? What about for purpose?

There are so many ways you can measure success. I realize it's a personal thing. Some people write books to sell them and make a ton of money. Some people write books only because they have the passion to write. And others write to deliver a message of hope, inspiration and empowerment to other people. Some people are actually satisfied with that accomplishment. Getting that one person's review that read, "You really ministered to me in a powerful way."

It is different for different people, but there's one thing I'd like to encourage you with today.

Pray and seek the Lord about His will for your success.

You see, not everyone will be a best seller. Not every will be a celebrity. Not everyone will win a Grammy, Emmy, or Tony Award. Not everyone will become a millionaire.

If you put your hope in those accomplishments alone- measuring your success by them- then you may end up falling in great disappointment.

I'm certainly not saying you shouldn't shoot for the stars. But it's far better to seek God for his purpose in your life and to act in obedience to it, than to desire riches, celebrity, and a few million hits on YouTube.

I encourage you to let obedience be the way you measure your success. Ask yourself, am I doing what God said to do, the way he said for me to do it and for His Glory alone.

God has the perfect way of supplying you with your desires, but make sure your desires align with His will and purpose!

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