About Me

Thanks for visiting my writing and books blog! On this blog, I share tid-bits about writing and publishing, reviews of books that I am currently reading and occasional rants about my writing life. You can visit my author website at www.kennishahill.com God Bless You!

Kennisha Hill is a writer who pens inspiring words to women of all ages. She discovered her love of writing during her tender grade-school years when she would fill her journals to their capacity. Decades later, her passion resurfaced with a desire to get published and write to a larger audience of women to help bring healing and encouragement to their hearts. She learned how powerful words are and welcomed God to use her voice to share his messages.  Now, she actively writes both fiction and non-fiction books, magazine columns and blogs to spread hope and encouragement for everyday women. 
With a desire to share practical and faith-filled works, Kennisha encourages women by expounding on hot-topics that many moms, business women and single women face today, while never compromising the redeeming message found only in Christ. 
She currently has authored four books independently: Simply Wisdom: Tid Bits of Inspiration for Your Journey, Simply Wisdom: Empowerment for Your Purpose, Awakened(Tamara Thompson Series, book one) and Uncovered (Tamara Thompson Series, book two).  With more books in her future plans, she hopes to continue to send positive and faith-filled messages to all who will hear.
Aside from having a desire to reach people through writing, Mrs. Hill has also rediscovered her love for community outreach. After the release of her second novel, Uncovered, she launched the Love Covers Campaign where she tours women's shelters around her community to spread love, hope and inspiration to the hurting, abused and broken. She lives in Dallas, Texas and is happily married with three children.